Reproductive Health Strategic Plan

Posted By November 25, 2022

Reproductive Health Strategic Plan

In line with HSTPII, the strategic plan has given emphasis on the five-priority “transformation agenda”. Key strategic initiatives will be implemented to address these priority issues to transform the health system and to achieve ‘health for all. The transformation agenda are:
1. Quality and equity: Refers to ensuring equity in the delivery of quality health services through the creation of highperforming primary health care units; active engagement of the community in service delivery; and continuous improvements in clinical care outcomes.

2. Information revolution: Refers to the phenomenal advancement on the methods and practiceof collecting, analyzing, presenting, using and disseminating information that can influencedecisions.

3. Motivated, Competent and Compassionate (MCC) health workforce:
Aims to ensure equitable distribution and availability of adequate number and skill mix of health workers that are motivated, competent and compassionate (MCC) to provide quality health services.
4. Health financing:
Aims to reform public financial management and health financing to improve efficiency and accountability, while pursuing the agenda of sustainable domestic resource mobilization for health.
5. Leadership: Aims to
enhance leadership and governance mechanisms at all levels of the health system, to drive attainment of the national strategic objectives through improved alignment and harmonization efforts, thereby creating an enabling environment for the translation of plans into results.
The strategic plan’s total costing is calculated using the One Health Tool (OHT), a tool based on the WHO’s six health system building blocks framework. The total cost of the RH strategy is calculated based on various assumptions, and the One Health tool predefined as well as customized interventionalist. As a result, the cumulative cost over the five years for 20212025 is USD 2,379,306,124.

The Reproductive Health Strategic Plan 20212025 will be implemented at all levels of the health system, and annual operating plans will be established. The agreedupon M&E framework will be used to track and assess its execution.