Adolescent and Youth SRHR

Posted By January 12, 2022

Our focus

The vital role of meaningful youth participation (MYP) in research, policy and practice is finally gaining global acknowledgement, yet too often youth experiences within the sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) sector are being left out or tokenized. Seeing youth as valued and active creators as opposed to passive receivers or solely inputs of data is an integral part of shifting our approaches on youth engagement.  When youth engage within the field of SRHR, they are often minorities or can feel isolated or constrained in their respective field of SRHR research, policy and practice. As with all social movements, building a network of peers for reciprocal learning and community building for allies is needed to harness the expertise and enthusiasm of youth. This community of practice (CoP) is a space where youth are able to connect, explore and create both in regard to the field of youth SRHR and also as youth experts within the broader SRHR field. 


What we do

In line with its diverse member composition, this CoP focuses both on Ethiopia and the international context. In 2022 the CoP is expected to meet at least four times.


Members of this COP

No Names Organization
1 Samrawit Amare Gates for Opportunity
2 Melaku Hailu                                                      Model Africa Union-Ethiopia
3 Kebron Tamru                                                     Faith in Action
4 Melat Nadew                                                       TSD
5 Rekik Ketema                                                      TAYA
6 Mistir Alebachew                                               YNSD
7 Girma Abera                                                       GSA
8 Beza Cherinet                                                      YWCA
9 Mehari Tarekegn                                                Ask us
10 Elfaggid lemma                                                   Hiwot Ethiopia
11 Tilaye Gizachew                                                  MSD
12 Desalegne Birhanie                                             EOA
13 Aregash Gelefa                                                    MCDO
14 Wubtu Hailu                                                      KYRHDO
15 Setew denisi                                                        FATE
16 Sisay Tarekegn                                                   ECYDO
17 Fetelwork Mitiku                                                ELETH