Media for SRHR

Posted By January 12, 2022

The mass media have excellent potential to promote good sexual and reproductive health outcomes, but around the world, media often fail to prioritize sexual and reproductive health and rights issues or report them in an accurate manner. In sub-Saharan Africa media coverage of reproductive health issues is poor due to the weak capacity and motivation for reporting these issues by media practitioners. Our experiences and reflections, and the experiences of others indicate that a sustained mix of strategies that motivate, strengthen capacity of, and build relationships between journalists and researchers can be effective in enhancing quality and quantity of media coverage of research.

Our Focus 

Strengthening the SRH and Media COP so that they will be effective disseminate the knowledge products available in the country. To share progress updates on the area of SRHR to members and t0 increase the quality of reporting on the topics of SRHR.

What we do

Train journalists on media reporting and SRGR policy and practice. Further the media CoP members will share the experiences they have with other media outlets.


Members of This COP

  Name Media Representing
1 Wondewosen Tilhun EBC
2 Frezer Zewde FM addis 97.1
3 Melekamu Abdeta OBN
4 Abatu Mereke EthioFM
5 Ledetewa Tamene Fana Tv
6 Abdu Rube  
7 Birhan Eshete Walta FM
8 Beyene Wolde GMN
9 Nobel mulugeta Moss consultancy
10 Abdullaziz Dino  
11 Miko Mik Youtuber
12 Betelehem  Eshetu  
13 Eyerus h/woin  
14 Yeni Yeni  
15 Wondesen Aregahegn Reta FBC Online


16 Nigist Berta Addis zeyebe Online
17 Samuel Tadie Adis Maleda Newspaper
18 Fasil Aregay Addis Media online
19 Samuel Abate Ethiopia Today online
20 Fekremichael Zeyede Origin News You tube
21 zerihun gezahegn Blogger
22 Tigist Tanetu Adiss Admas Newspaper
23 Tiblets Tesfaye Asham Television
24 Haleluya Chalta Tsada Addis Ababa News Agency
25 Samuel Zerihun Ethio FM
26 Helen Tadesse Walta media and communication corporation
27 Isreal Woldemeskel Media consultant
28 Muluneh Gebre E-zega News
29 Samel Wondessen Ethiopian press Agency
30 Dagmawit Girma Ethiopian press Agency
31 Abyi Wendifraw EDR
32 Joaep Mamuye Origin News Ethiopia
33 Nigest berta Addis Zeyebe
34 Helena Anteneh Gebeya media
35 Tsega Tariku FBC
36 Genet Assmamaw Yeneta media


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